lemons in striped bowl


Curator's Notes

Frankie Penwill's mixed medium pieces combine hand painting and digital illustration. The artist often begins with a rough painting which she enhances digitally, adding adding depth and color to the piece.

Suggestion: If you’re trying to fill a larger space, consider pairing two of Frankie’s pieces side by side.


Materials: Each high quality oak frame is custom-cut and assembled by hand to match your piece. Hanging hardware is included.

Dimensions: The oak colored frame is .75" thick, adding 1.5" to the width and length of the piece. Frames may differ from those pictured.


Open edition


Printed on high quality, 100% cotton fine art 315 GSM (grams per square meter) paper (hint: that's thick paper). Colors will last over 100 years.

Note: Frankie's pieces are typically mixed medium (e.g. hand painted + digital illustration). As a result, even most originals are "printed," so the "original" version of this piece is essentially the same as what you'd get.


Free shipping in the United States. All pieces are printed (and painted where applicable) and framed to order. This order typically ships within 15 business days. You'll receive tracking information via email.

Frankie Penwill

Frankie Penwill is a print designer based in East London. Her work is heavily influenced by her obsession with everything botanical and floral. Hailing from a small town in the Southern English county of Devon, she grew up surrounded by nature. Frankie's most recent inspiration comes from interiors, and she loves painting different vases, jugs and ceramics.

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