Janki Mehta

Artist Janki Mehta crafts abstract, geometrical pieces that channel inner peace and tranquility. Her work leverages multiple mediums including acrylics, pastels, charcoal, pencils, ink--along with objects like burned matchsticks. In addition to her immense talent, Janki is one of the nicest people around and takes immense joy in creating pieces her collectors love. Learn more about what inspires her work.

Frankie Penwill

Frankie Penwill is a print designer based in East London. Her work is heavily influenced by her obsession with everything botanical and floral. Hailing from a small town in the Southern English county of Devon, she grew up surrounded by nature. Frankie's most recent inspiration comes from interiors, and she loves painting different vases, jugs and ceramics. Her mixed medium pieces typically morph hand painting and digital illustration. Get a peek into her process.

Richa Kashelkar

Richa Kashelkar didn’t conform to the art world’s conception of “an artist.” That kept her away from art for many years but eventually she embraced “emancipated subjects that have no fucks to give and follow their own inner compass.” Richa's video essay explores how she found art and what inspires her.

Octavia Tomyn

Octavia Tomyn’s work explores intimate human relationships, depicting interpersonal connections through figurative body language, elegant line work, and unique symbols. Watch "Anatomy of a Line" to learn how Octavia creates her story portraits.

Trevor Little--NYC: IYKYK

Trevor Little’s NYC: IYKYK captures an evolving NYC at the turn of the millennium. The 2000s were a time of unprecedented change for the city. Instead of focusing on the city’s recognizable landmarks and most famous residents, Little’s work centers on unique people, places, and events that could each have their own This American Life episode.

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