Red and the Graffiti Wall Trevor Little Photograph of red vintage car next to a colorful wall of graffiti in the Bronx New York City NYC. Pop photography.

Wallace is the home art curator that allows everyone to be a collector. 

Our spaces are reflections of who we are, but for many of us, our walls remain bare. That’s where Wallace comes in. 

We strive to be more than an ecommerce store or art gallery. We’re here to demystify collecting, educating collectors and connecting them to a hyper-curated set of pieces from global artists. We gravitate towards artists with something to say and select pieces with unique and compelling narratives.

Simplify the art of finding art.

Always Considered. Always Curated.

No more art fair mayhem. No more endless online scrolling. No more decision paralysis. From commissioned originals to fine art prints, we offer a tightly curated, rotating collection of pieces for simple discovery and intuitive choice. We help collectors discover the pieces that reflect their sense of space—and self. 

The bare wall revolution starts now.

No Bare Walls.

We are on a mission to eradicate bare walls. If our spaces are reflections of who we are, our walls deserve the meaningful pieces to match. We help you identify pieces you'll love, and we take care of the rest.

The destination for accessible, fine art curation.

An Artful Exchange.

We price pieces strategically to empower buyers and benefit artists, all while working to demystify the art of collecting. Our approach eliminates the tradeoff between quality and cost and allows for more high-quality art to be exchanged worldwide.


As a kid I was shocked to learn Van Gogh only sold a single painting in his lifetime. Fast forward a couple decades, I toured the studio of Muriel Favaro. She’d been the first designer at Kate Spade and her art was beautiful, but she rarely sold pieces. I came to love collecting her work and encouraged friends to as well.

It's no surprise there are tons of Muriels out there. And yet, so many of our walls remain empty. People often tell me, “nice art is expensive, and cheap art is isn’t nice." Plus, "I don’t know how to collect.” As I dug into the problem, I learned there were simple sourcing and supply chain tweaks that could expose incredible artists to a wide audience at a price point that could benefit the artist and empower the buyer. We could also provide tools to educate collectors and help them source pieces with personal meaning. Our homes are reflections of who we are, and we want collectors to find the meaningful pieces to match.

I’ve personally collected art from travels, pieces made by friends, and works passed down from my grandmother. But I also love to discover new artists and find opportunities to connect with their work. Wallace is here to help collectors do just that.

-Matt Listro, Founder