Knitted Together


Curator's Notes

This is a piece form Octavia’s first solo show exploring the meaning of belonging.


The circle represents wholeness + completion. Mother and child, once connected as one body, forever belonging in each other’s hearts.

The mountains symbolize the power and strength of this belonging. The archway tucked inside is the home and refuge they are for one another.

The tree is a symbol of growth. Reaching for the sky, it grows through different conditions and experiences, forming its unique beauty.

The bowl represents giving and receiving, a two way bond of sacrificial love and dependency.

The fruit is a generative symbol speaking of the products of this love and the life giving beauty of motherhood.

The wave symbolizes the journey, through ups and downs and the winding road of life.


10 editions of each size. Hand signed, numbered and stamped, 2023.


Float Mount: The piece is float mounted to highlight the edges of the French cotton paper.

Materials: Each high quality wood frame is custom cut and assembled by hand to match your piece. Hanging hardware is included.

Size: The frame is 3/4" thick with a 1.5" (1" for A3) border around the piece.

A1/A2: Add 4.5" to the L and W for framed dimensions.
A3: Add 3.5" to the L and W for framed dimensions.


Giclee print on textured, French cotton paper.


Free shipping within the United States. Pieces are printed in Melbourne and framed to order. Unframed orders typically ship within 7 business days. Framed pieces typically ship in 20 business days.

You'll receive tracking information via email.

Tip for Collectors

One of the reasons we love Octavia's prints is that each is unique. Most are small edition, hand signed, numbered, and stamped pieces. Given that most are also printed on French cotton paper, the ink adheres such that it's hard to decipher prints from originals. (View product details above for more info on edition number, materials, etc.).

Octavia Tomyn

Octavia Tomyn’s work explores intimate human relationships, depicting interpersonal connections through figurative body language, elegant linework, and unique symbols. 

Prior to pursuing art full-time in 2018, Octavia was a fashion designer for brands like Marc Jacobs and Christopher Kane in New York and London. Today Octavia’s pieces are highly sought after, with collectors in over 29 countries, in addition to being shown in magazines like Dwell and hotels like the Sofitel.

The artist maintains an extensive commission waitlist but has allotted a handful of monthly slots to Wallace collectors. All custom pieces include a key explaining the metaphors and symbols behind the piece.

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