I hate hanging artwork. It's a sour reminder that I'm single and don't have a second set of hands. But even when I get a friend to help out, I still find myself wreaking havoc on my walls. For a lot of us, this is particularly challenging if we rent our homes and have restrictions and what we can do with our walls. Here's some simple solutions: 

Adhesive Hooks

We're big fans of 3M Command Hooks because the Command adhesive doesn’t leave residue when removed. Make sure to use a hook that can handle the weight of your piece or use two hooks if necessary. Pro tip: Don't be impatient like us and try to skimp on the recommended period for the hook to set. We've had pieces fall as a result. 

Some larger Command Hooks may create a space between the piece and the frame, causing the frame to hang at an angle. If you apply Elmer's Tac 'N Tick to the back bottom of the frame, you'll even things out. 

Gallery Shelves

In my office, I find myself changing the art from time to time. The easiest way to avoid holes in the wall is a gallery shelf. Once you install it once, you're set. 

Lean into the Lean

Leaning art against a wall or pillar is super simple and can look great. If you don't have floor space, consider leaning on a shelf or bookcase. 

Consider An Easel

Depending on your vibe, an easel is a simple way to display a piece. There are tons of relatively inexpensive easels on Amazon like this one. 

June 11, 2024 — Matthew Listro

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