Claire Boeshaar has become one of TikTok’s leading authorities on accessible art curation. Based in Kansas City, her calm, encouraging demeanor has built her one of the largest affordable art followings on the social web. Her descriptions of pieces are approachable and unintimidating, making it easy for even novices to dip their toes into the art collecting waters.

Winter Sun

This piece to me is so restful and peaceful and the way that the artist captures the light through that really dramatic shift in color is super cool. I love the color!  

That Was the Day She Decided

The way the artist captures the subject straight on—that pose just exudes confidence….

Although a fine art print, Claire also mentions the unique process applied by the artist in crafting this piece.

The way this artist does her fine art prints uses textured materials that create a look more similar to an original. There’s a ton of brushstrokes behind her that give the piece a lot of texture.

The Edge

It’s just so clean and cool…this artist’s work centers around people, places, and events that could each have their own This American Life episode--I love that.





June 20, 2024 — Matthew Listro

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